What Members are saying

  • It's not often that you find a program like myEZ Car Care that provides tremendous savings and benefits to our members, but also helps protect our loan collateral and even provides ongoing marketing touch points it's a real Win/Win program.
    • T Shields, VP of Credit Administration for Carter Federal Credit Union

  • I had my car serviced at a myEZ Car Care service provider and when I showed the clerk my VIP Discount Card, which incidentally saved me $47, the person in line behind me asked me where did you get that card? I happily turned to him showing him my Credit Union Logo on the card and said, my Credit Union gave it to me when I made my car loan and it saves me money on all my maintenance. So not only did my VIP membership save me money, but it also helps promote and market our Credit Union. What a great value.
    • V Liberto, Credit Union Executive and EZ Car Care Customer

  • The day I signed up for myEZ Car Care I was immediately sent a notification that there was a recall on my vehicle. I had been having a bit of trouble with my car and planning on bringing it in to the shop to see what the problem was. After reading the recall notice I brought my car to the dealership and they fixed the recalled part which had, incidentally, been causing the problems I was experiencing. Because of the recall notice that myEZ Car Care sent me, I was able to avoid spending a lot of money on fixing a problem that could be fixed free of charge at the dealership. Within the first day of signing up myEZ Car Care more than paid for itself.
    • B Wright, myEZ Car Care member

  • I needed work done on my car immediately and I bought a membership from you yesterday, you got an electronic version of the membership card to me overnight, called the store on a Saturday to inform them that my electronic membership card was legitimate and I got my discount when I went to pay so I'm very happy. Thank you very much for your efforts, I'll definitely recommend to my friends and family to get this card.”
    • M Pires, Member, Vancouver, BC

  • My husband and I use our myEZ Car Care membership all the time on all of our maintenance and we travel quite a bit so the rental car, hotel and vacation discounts alone have saved us hundreds. The myEZ Car Care discounts are even better than AAA discounts. I don't know how you do it, but we love it. We just renewed our membership and really appreciate the extra year you added.
    • S Pinner, myEZ Car Care Member

  • I'm generally skeptical of offers like this, but because I had an immediate need of 2 new tires for an inspection, I tried it out. I saved $18.40 on two tires (147.00 total tire cost) from NTB. That's a meal out at McDonalds for the family! The next week, I saved $7.80 at Jiffy Lube. That's 20%! All I had to do was show them the card!
    • R Conant, Houston, TX Credit Union Member
  • I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the convenience and savings I have received from using myEZ Car Care to book rental cars. I find it is convenient to connect directly to the 4 web sites from your site, shop for the best deal on the type of car I am looking for, and directly make my reservations online. This last time, I also looked at Priceline.com, and found my best deals were available from your discount program. I saved over $400 versus the regular prices while on a 6 day trip to California, and at least $200 versus the best deal on Priceline.com. So far this year, I have saved almost $1000 on 5 trips! Thanks

                             Doug, Vancouver BC Entrepreneur